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Snorkeling trips, programs and longtail boat prices

ทริปดำน้ำ Sonckels โปรแกรมและราคาเรือหางยาว

Experience the beauty of the underwater world at Koh Lipe with a snorkeling package. Diving certification is not required! Choose a quality and comfortable diving package with accessories such as life jackets or underwater cameras. Ideal for solo travelers, families, and groups, snorkeling is a popular activity to see marine life up close and admire beautiful coral reefs. Book a diving package today for convenient and cost-effective ocean exploration.

ทริปดำน้ำ (Sonckels) โปรแกรมและราคาเรือหางยาว

Long tail boat price program

programnumber of customersprice
inner zone
(Koh Hin Ngam, Rong Nam Jabang, Koh Yang, Koh Ravi, Koh Adang)
1 – 2 people2,300.- baht
3 – 4 people2,800.- baht
5 – 6 people3,700.- baht
7 – 8 people4,200.- baht
9 – 10 people4,900.- baht
outside zone
(Koh Dong, Koh Phueng, Koh Rok Loi, Koh Hin Son)
1 – 2 people2,700.- baht
3 – 4 people3,200.- baht
5 – 6 people4,200.- baht
7 – 8 people4,700.- baht
mixed zone
(inner zone + outside zone combined)
1 – 2 people3,200.- baht
3 – 4 people3,700.- baht
5 – 6 people4,800.- baht
7 – 8 people5,300.- baht

more details

  • Snorkeling program (diving trip) by longtail boat
  • Private Trip, Price per Trip
  • The price includes lunch, equipment, and insurance.

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